To ensure you have a great event with us and to make sure everything runs smoothly leading up to the event, there are a few Terms & Conditions you need to follow.

1. All agreements between ourselves (JP Discos Watford or JP Discos or We or I) and the Client (You) will be confirmed via our Client Area to ensure there is never any misunderstanding.

2. The agreement is set out between You and JP Discos Watford. JP Discos may use other contractors for any extra add-ons.

Deposits & Payments

3. Your function/event is only confirmed once:

  • A booking form has been submitted.
  • Your Booking Fee of 10% or £50, whichever is higher, has been paid within 7 days of the booking form being submitted.
  • You have signed the Contract in the Client Area.


4. Payments must be paid at least 14 days before the event start date. This can be paid via Bank Transfer or cash.

5. I reserve the right to accept another booking where you have failed to pay your deposit and sign the contract within 7 days of the booking form being submitted.

6a. If another enquiry comes in for the same date, I will place their enquiry on hold and notify you.

6b. If another enquiry comes in for the same date and your booking fee due date has passed, I will notify you that I am open to accept other bookings.

6c. If you pay your booking fee and sign your contract, I will cancel the other enquiry so your booking is secure.

7. The fee given to you via email is the final fee for the times as stated on the booking. There are no hidden costs or extra charges such as VAT. I do not charge set-up fees less than an hour before the event start time.

8. If you would like additional time on the night, this is possible however, this must first be agreed with the venue and be within their licensed hours. The cost is £50 per hour or part thereof. This must be paid before the additional time commences.


9. We (where applicable) will need access to the function room at least 1 hour before the start time. This is 90 minutes for weddings. Other suppliers may need additional time and this will be communicated to you.

10. There must be no less than two standard UK Plug Sockets no further than 10 metres away from where I am performing from.

11. The client must ensure there is adequate supervision of guests at all times. I can recommend and arrange qualified door staff if needed, through a third party.

12. When the function has ended, we require a maximum of 60 minutes to pack away. 

13. JP Discos will adhere to all rules laid out by the venue management and their staff, including door staff and the police. If any of the venue rules are broken by the client or their guests, we will not be held responsible for any “early finishes” or closure of the venue by your wrong-doing. If this happens, you forfeit your right to any kind of refund, goodwill or compensation.

14. Venue licensing rules will be adhered to by JP Discos. Please do not expect these to be broken.


15. If for any unfortunate reason that you need to cancel, this must be done in writing via email to [email protected]

16. If you are cancelling over 30 days before the event start date, we will retain the booking fee. Any other fees you have paid will be refunded.

General Terms

17. JP Discos will accept no responsibility for any damage, accidents or losses to clients, their guests and/or property.

18. JP Discos will not be liable for failing to attend a particular booking, where non-attendance or late arrival by ourselves or a third party supplier is caused by extreme or adverse weather conditions, including but not limited to, snow and flooding, road closure, road traffic accident, vehicle breakdown, fuel shortages, acts of terrorism, industrial action or other unavoidable acts of God or Nature, which we consider beyond our control.

19. If JP Discos or a third party fail to attend due to any reason above, we cannot be held liable for any costs or compensation towards any other third-party suppliers from non-use or matters alike.

20. Public Liability Insurance and Portable Appliance Testing certificates will be available to you to download when the event has been confirmed.

21. Any music you want playing must be requested beforehand. This can be done by either using the playlist feature in the Client Area or via email. We may not be able to fulfil all requests of music made on the day.