Planning a quiz night? I’ve got it covered. There are two options for you to choose from.

Interactive Quiz

Interactive Quiz

This is my favourite type of quiz. Using your smartphone, you have 20 seconds to answer the question the quickest to take yourselves to the top of the leader board and claim bragging rights to the rest of the contestants.

This comes in rounds of 12 questions where a 72-question quiz (6 rounds) will last approx. 2 hours. This includes a 30 minute break after the third round and 5 minute breaks between each other round.

What’s even better is that I do not know the questions or the answers to the quiz and contestants can’t cheat using Google.

Pen & Paper Quiz

Fancy something a bit more traditional? That’s okay, the pen and paper quiz is the way to go.

Each round consists of 12 questions but a 72-question quiz will last about 2.5-3 hours (including the marking and a break halfway through).

What’s great about these quizzes is that you can choose the rounds. Choose anything from General Knowledge to Sport right up to Harry Potter and Disney.

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